selected online publications
Small Heading

Gulf Coast: "'Brave, or lonely, or free enough to ask': Hoagland in Retrospect"


DIAGRAM: "Transmissions"


West Branch: "The Cloud, The Desktop, and the Poetics of No-Place" (nominated for Pushcart Prize)

Shenandoah: "On Association"

Marginalia (LARB): "The Art of War Poetry"

Jacobin: "Rebranding Amtrak" (reprinted on TIME Magazine's "Five Best Ideas of the Day")

Marginalia (LARB): "The Poetics of Tragedy: Elliot Rodger, Seth Abramson, and Art's Role in Tragedy"

Michigan Quarterly Review: "Bad Faith: The Worst First Date of an OKCupid Moderator" (Best American Essays 2015, Notable Essay)

The New Inquiry: "All Cozy Now"